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Explore the Land of a Thousand Hills

Intore Expeditions & Business Tours Rwanda combines our love of nature, the area’s rich history and vast cultural diversity that showcases Rwanda. We want all of our guests to leave feeling transformed and informed. Rwanda is truly a miraculous place where you can and will experience the past, the present and see the future Rwanda is creating.
Join Us for an African adventure of a lifetime.

Akagera National Park

Book your Akagera Park Safari to see the Big Five! Buffalo, Elephants, Leopards, Lions &  Rhinos.

Nyungwe National Park

Canopy walk, Colobus Monkey trek, beautiful waterfalls & Chimpanzee trek – a three day trek

Volcanoes National Park

Offering a one day Gorilla trek, over night Gorilla trek, Gorilla and Golden monkey trek, hiking & more.

Multiple Park Tours

Explore all the possibilities and tour Rwanda’s parks with your own custom itinerary of discovery.

Student Rwanda Education Tours

Intore Expeditions Rwanda would love to help you build either a student or an educator’s tour in Rwanda Africa. The focus of our educational tours are to educate about Genocide and reconciliation, history and culture, conservation, and wildlife. Students will also have opportunities to build bridges with Rwandan students during these educational tours.

Our Intore Vision

Our vision has always been to be a company known for its hospitality and willingness to be flexible and transparent. Putting the guest and the development Rwanda first is the key to growth, one cannot happen without the other. This means Intore Expeditions, is continually exploring new opportunities for their guests that contribute to interesting experiences and promotes local Rwandan business in a meaningful way.

Intore Expeditions & Business Tours is a Rwandan family owned, and socially accountable business.
Intore Tours will Take You on a Trip of a Lifetime!
We offer Phone, Zoom or in person appointments in Seattle or Kigali Rwanda by request.

Intore Dancers in Rwanda Africa

Explore Our Photo Galleries

It is Intore Expeditions and Business Tours of Rwanda extreme pleasure to share with you, our own photography and videos with you to enjoy. We’ve shared collections from each National Park, birding tours, helicopter tours and more. Taking pictures is one of the benefits we have as we continue our own exploration of Rwanda. Please enjoy!