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Nyungwe National Park Tour

Nyungwe National Park is home to thirteen fascinating species of primates including Chimpanzee, Colobus, Blue and Mona monkey troops.

Nyungwe National Park is one of the oldest rainforests in Africa and one of the largest intact Montane Rainforest. It is filled with steams, trees, savanna’s, and swamps that make it home to an incredibly diverse Eco-system. It is home to 13 species of primates which include chimpanzee, colobus, l’Hoest, blue, mona to name a few. It is also home to over 300 recorded species of birds. Thirty of those species are endemic to the Albertine rift. We find Nyungwe to be one of the most fascinating places in Rwanda. There are spaces that feel like the dinosaurs walked and this most lush forest grew.

Getting to Nyungwe National Park

From Kigali to Nyungwe is nearly a full day drive. This drive will take you past small towns and villages, fields of produce and animals. This road also passes several worthwhile stops along the way.

The Ethnographic Museum in Huye, is a wonderful stop to see many of the tools and art of Rwanda’s history.

Murambi Memorial, is a place of great loss. This was once a technical school that became a decoy and then a place of mass slaughtering during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. There is a very good exhibit in the museum. You can then a walk to the buildings of the school. These building are very powerful, and for some the graphic reality can be difficult.

The Kings Palace in Nyanza, is a fun place to stop. There is a replica of the historic beehive shaped building, the modern palace and the noble herd of cows.

What other activities are in Nyungwe National Park?

Chimpanzee Trek

This Nyungwe Park trek is an early morning adventure and a starting point that is typically unknown until the morning. This is an adventurous hike through the forest that may take you off trail. This is a less predictable hike by comparison to the Gorilla and fascinating.

Colobus Monkey Trek
There are two troops that can be tracked. One is the super troop of over 400 black and white Colobus monkey. This trek starts at the Uwinka Visitor Center. The other troop of 50 starts from the Gisukura Campsite. These treks will take you off the trail and through the bush. Please dress with good footwear, long pants and long sleeves.

Canopy Walk
This gives visitors a phenomenal view of the canopy of Nyungwe. The hike to and from the bridge walk.

Adventure Trail
There are numerous trails to hike throughout Nyungwe. Ten of which begin at the Uwinka Visitor Center and three from the Gisukura Campsite.

Birding Tour
Birding in Nyungwe is a unique and special experience. With the help of expert guides, you will not be disappointed.

Tea Plantation and Processing Tour
Visiting this processing operation will give you a real appreciation for what it takes to get tea from the field to the cup.

Kamiranzovu Waterfall Hike
This is one of the most beautiful hikes in Nyungwe. The destination is the waterfall where you can sit on a rock and refresh with a snack before you take your time heading back.

Some Sample Nyungwe National Park Tour Itineraries

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Three Day – Four Night Kigali to Nyungwe Tour

Because of the distance to Nyungwe from Kigali we suggest a three-night four day minimum. If you don’t want to do all the driving we can also arrange for you to take a helicopter from Kigali to Nyungwe.

DAY 1: Leave Kigali after breakfast. On your way to Nyungwe you will stop at the Nyanza king’s palace. You will stop in Huye to visit the national museum. After your lunch you will, drive through Nyungwe forest with multiple stops to take in the stunning views of the forest.

Day 2: After breakfast you will drive to the park offices where you will hike to the starting point of the canopy walk. This trip is usually two and half hours with a descent slow space. Along the way there are beautiful views, different tree species, birds and many more. You will head back to the lodge for lunch before you start your afternoon activity. After your lunch you will trekking the colobus monkeys. You will hang out with them for an hour before you hike back to your car and head back to the lodge.

Day 3: After breakfast your driver will take you to the starting point to hike towards the Kamiranzovu waterfall. It is a beautiful hike with so many birds, trees, chances to see some monkeys and chimps along the way. After your hike from the waterfall, you will head back to the lodge for lunch. After lunch you will experience tea picking from the locals that belong to a cooperative which picks tea for the local factory Return to Lodge to relax and dinner.

Day 4: After Breakfast you may choose to drive straight back to Kigali or take on one more hike or activity in Nyungwe. Just like the drive to Nyungwe the drive will be long. You may opt to divide your museum and memorial stop to stop on the way to and from Kigali.

Includes: Driver guide, park ranger, vehicle, water, lodging and full board.

Does Not Include: Additional activities – tips for driver and park ranger – any personal spending such as souvenirs.

Cyinzobe Trail – Nyungwe Forest Trail Hike

This is a three-day experience includes lodging dinner. Your lodging is in wooden cabins built within the forest.

DAY 1: Drive or fly from Kigali to Nyungwe National Park.

DAY 2: Cyinzobe Trail in Nyungwe National Park.

DAY 3: Cyinzobe Trail hiking. Plan for a good six hours of trail hiking with unique views and birds.

DAY 4: Cyinzobe Trail. Plan for about three hours of moderate hiking.

You can choose to be transferred back to Kigali or add on other activities the park has to offer.

Includes: Driver guide, park ranger, vehicle, water, lodging and full board.

Does Not Include: Additional activities – tips for driver and park ranger – any personal spending such as souvenirs.

For different tour options and inclusions, longer Safari’s Please Contact Our Office. Our team’s primary goal is that you will have the experience that appeals to you the most and the African trip of a life time.